4 Self-Esteem Killers and How to Overcome Them: Conclusion

Post 7 of 7 in our Self-Esteem Killer series

Two months ago I asked our readers what their biggest struggle with self-esteem was. Over the course of these last six weeks I’ve broken down their responses into four categories of self-esteem killers. As we’ve looked at these I hope you have found ideas, perspectives and strategies for how to fight these assassins off.

Ultimately healthy self-esteem grows in depth as you experience life. The reality is that life is hard, unfair, painful, frustrating, and at times, scary. Accepting that as the reality of life and learning how to face it so you can also find the joy, peace, excitement, and love, helps you become a capable adversary to the self-esteem assassins. The more capable you grow at facing reality the stronger the roots of your self-esteem become.

The culture around us feeds us a steady diet of the idea that our value is only found in what we ‘do,’ basically rendering people invaluable the minute they aren’t doing something it deems important. God says you are valuable because you exist. You are loved because that is who He is. When He looks at you He sees the unfinished masterpiece He is creating, if you let Him.

Your self-esteem, “feelings of respect for yourself, your abilities and worthiness,” cannot rest on the fads, trends or swings of popular opinion; these will always be a moving target. Establish the roots of your self-esteem in the unchanging nature of how God sees you then you will grow strong and flourish despite the assassination attempts that come.

My hope is you will be encouraged and reminded that you do not have to face these killers alone, we can face them together. Living unfinished together helps us all be stronger!


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