A Preview of What is to Come

I don’t have a post for you this week. It is the first time I have not had something ready to share with my reader’s in a year! Things have been getting crazy around here because there are a lot of exciting things happening. I can’t wait to fill you on all the details but for now they have to stay under wraps…

The main reason I don’t have an official post though is that I am hard at work on a new series which will kick off next week. About a month ago I asked you what your biggest struggles were with self-esteem and the responses all fell into four interesting, and not entirely expected, categories. During the next seven weeks we will be taking a look at  these four self-esteem killers, learn how to recognize them for what they are and discover strategies to use in the battle against them. I am hopeful you will find the information helpful and encouraging as you seek to grow.

To tide you over until we get started with this new series I wanted to point you to a great new post, Joy Thief, by my friend Jessie, who blogs a little bit of gratitude into every day. I know it will offer you inspiration to carry you through the rest of your week!