You may be facing the loss of a loved one, a job or a relationship. You may be dealing with health issues which will forever change how your body functions. You may be feeling overwhelmed by the challenges involved in being a single parent, raising special needs children, or handling rebellious teenagers. You may be moving, starting over in a new town, new community, with new friends. Change is hard, even when the change may be good, like having a baby or getting married.


I’m here to offer encouragement as you:

Grieve the loss of the known, the expected or the dream.

Lean into and accept the reality of now and adjust to the demands it places on you.

Learn to dream again, seeking God for a new picture of the future.

Plan and act, taking steps to move forward into that dream.

Reevaluating and adjusting the plan and dream along the way.


Whatever struggles have brought you here my hope is to offer you an encouraging word, practical advice, and inspiration to keep taking the next step forward.


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