Tabitha encourages a growing community at IamUnfinished.com to get in the ring and wrestle with God. Having wrestled through dysfunctional and broken relationships, Jehovah Witness roots, a conservative Christian background, church conflict, religious dogma, and the loss of three families—one for each of her first three decades in life—Tabitha knows the struggle to hold onto God even while feeling confused and disappointed by Him. Acknowledging the messy process of rolling around in the mud with God, Tabitha shows us a relationship with Him may not look anything like we think it should.

With a lifetime of experience, and the tenacious determination to keep a conversation going, Tabitha strives for real, authentic, and transparent dialogue about the deep and messy things of life. Each month tackling a different topic, Tabitha encourages her community to reflect, contemplate, and dig into the perceptions, perspectives, and personal experiences that have shaped their lives.

A degree in psychology and certified as a life-coach, Tabitha has spent decades observing, studying and staying curious about emotions, relationships, and how people are wired. Ten years as an elementary librarian gave her a love for storytelling. Combined, these two histories have given Tabitha a passion for encouraging people, and creatively telling them about the God she has gotten to know through years spent wrestling with Him.

Married since 2000 to her summer camp sweetheart Andy, they have two teenage children, and live in a small, rural, Mid-Michigan town. For fun Tabitha loves to read, bike, kayak and camp with her family as often as possible.