How Thrive, a FitBit and Faith Helped Me Lose 30lbs

God's Remodeling Series

There’s a lot of things we know we should do in life….

We should stick to a budget

We should be aware of what is going on in the world

We should forgive, be kind, be generous

We should eat healthy

We should exercise…

One thing I’ve learned this last year is that as you walk with God, He will transform the guilt inducing ‘should do’ into ‘want to’ when you are ready to grow in an area of life.

Unfinished By Mandisa

My friend drew my attention to this video today and I am so excited! I couldn’t ask for a song that so perfectly speaks to what this blog and Unfinished Ministries is all about. I have a lot of growing to do to help #iamunfinished become all I dream it to become…but I’ll take it one unfinished day at a time and trust God to bring it to completion in His perfect way. I hope you enjoy and are as inspired as I was!