Unfinished By Mandisa

My friend drew my attention to this video today and I am so excited! I couldn’t ask for a song that so perfectly speaks to what this blog and Unfinished Ministries is all about. I have a lot of growing to do to help #iamunfinished become all I dream it to become…but I’ll take it one unfinished day at a time and trust God to bring it to completion in His perfect way. I hope you enjoy and are as inspired as I was!

Today is the Day

Facing 40 Series

So…today is the day…the BIG 4-0 has struck! I’d like to tell you it no longer seems so bad, but I can’t. I can say I no longer feel panicked or depressed about it and I’ve given up pouting. I think I’ve been holding my breath and after today I’ll let it out, settle into my 40s and forget the fuss I made.

I don’t like getting older…however, as I see the remodeling God is doing in my heart and life I’m becoming excited about what the future may hold!