Today is the Day

Facing 40 Series

So…today is the day…the BIG 4-0 has struck! I’d like to tell you it no longer seems so bad, but I can’t. I can say I no longer feel panicked or depressed about it and I’ve given up pouting. I think I’ve been holding my breath and after today I’ll let it out, settle into my 40s and forget the fuss I made.

I don’t like getting older…however, as I see the remodeling God is doing in my heart and life I’m becoming excited about what the future may hold!

Fighting Boredom & Routine

Facing 40 Series

As I face 40 I am very aware of how ‘crisis’ could happen. I see the slippery mental and emotional slope that could lead to so much heartache.

After years of raising kids, work, taking care of a house and yard, solving problems, stress and worry, you realize the work of life has suffocated living life. All the dreams, all the ideas, and all the desires you put off until a better time have fallen prey to the bandits of urgent and necessary. You wake up to realize life has become at best…routine…and at worst…survival. You find yourself half-way through your life vacillating between panic and depression as to what it all means. The questions, the confusion, the restlessness, the frantic feelings of having failed at something even if you’re not sure what, are all enough to push you down the slope of this mid-life moment.