Life-Coaching with Tabitha

What is Life Coaching?

Counseling helps clients deal with and heal from their past.  Life coaching focuses on helping clients take action towards realizing their vision, goals and desires.  Life Coaching is about helping the client achieve results.  Through the use of questions, assessments, homework and accountability the life coach comes alongside the client to help them discover new ways of achieving their life goals.

Christian Life Coaching involves an awareness that God has a plan and is involved in our daily lives.  Part of Christian Life Coaching is journeying with someone helping them to grow in their Christian walk whereby bringing a deeper sense of meaning, purpose and understanding to their lives.

What does my Life Coaching look like?

I specialize in helping women who feel stuck in life figure out what direction they want to go and the next steps to take on the path. I have helped

  • women making life transitions because of retirement find new purpose;
  • women grieving the loss of a relationship because of divorce or death find new hope for tomorrow;

  • women feeling stuck by their own weaknesses overcome what is holding them back to find success;

  • women worrying about their ability to ‘do it all’ understand how they were created and are wired so they can offer themselves and others the grace to be ‘unfinished.’

Typically I will meet with clients once or twice a month for 45 to 60 minutes each time. Sessions usually take place via phone or video conference. Staying connected for accountability is an important part of the Life Coaching process so emailing and texting between sessions is welcome and encouraged.

Life Coaching is about results so we will always be evaluating the effectiveness of the coaching relationship based on the personal progress you see being made towards your desired goals and potential.

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Rates: $75 per session with discounts available for multi-session purchase
Can you teach a old dog new tricks? I really believe that you can. I went to a meeting today with part of me feeling a bit discouraged and deflated. The woman I met with helped me–again!–see how God has gifted me, what skills I possess & that it’s all good. She’s helping me fine tune my journey through the desires of my heart. Hello, my name is Susan, I’m 61 years old and I’m still learning. I am teachable. Thank you Tabitha!Susan
Tabitha has been very helpful in getting my life going someplace. I have some goals and direction that probably I never would have realized. I’ve been able to discover some things about myself that I didn’t know existed and having someone to talk to about struggles in my life has been a bonus. I can now see that there are things I can be doing on my own separate from being someone’s wife–that I have contributions on my own that I can make.Kelly