Tabitha Loves to Thrive!

When I first left work six years ago I thought losing weight and feeling healthy would be the first thing on my achievement list. Now as I look back over these years I realize I wasn’t ready to face this task before now.

Nine months ago, I thought about it. Six months ago I focused in and began 2017 with the simple prayer, “Lord I am completely unable to do what needs to be done with food and fitness, change me.” And He has.  He changed my attitude, my priorities, and my motivation.

I used to resent the time and mental energy that it would take to tackle my weight. As 2017 began I was finally able to accept that getting healthy would require the mental focus and effort of a part-time job. My friend Tamar, once wrote a series of posts about Simple Prayers that Change Your Life. One of the prayers she teaches is, “Lord, rewire my mental pathways.” My ‘Lord change me’ prayer was much the same thing and He moved me to accept the reality of what the cost would be to overcome this hurdle.

So, the Fitbit became my constant companion. I tracked all the food I ate and because the Fitbit read my heartbeat I could see the calories I burned too.  My goal was to eat half as many calories as I burned. If I wanted to eat more I had to find some way to burn more. There wasn’t any more diet to it than that. My calories-in just needed to be less than my calories-out.

Finally, Thrive by Le-Vel is a product I have been using throughout this change. I love this product for many reasons but the biggest is that it is simple. Three steps, all taken care of in the morning and then I don’t have to think about it again for the rest of the day. A high-quality vitamin taken with a glass or two of water right as I get out of bed. A nutrient rich vitamin mix I add to frozen fruit and coconut milk for my breakfast smoothie, and a patch I wear that keeps feeding my body nutrients throughout the day. As simple as that and I’m done.

While using Thrive I have seen my hair, skin and nails improve. I gave up coffee as a morning necessity just because I didn’t want it—no real effort involved I just didn’t need it and wasn’t interested in spending the time to drink it every morning anymore. The most significant contribution it has made to my weight loss is that I no longer have the mid-afternoon food cravings. I used to indulge in the sweet treats or sweet beverages in the afternoons to keep myself going. Since using Thrive I don’t experience the afternoon doldrums and that has helped curb my calorie intact more than anything.

I don’t jump on the bandwagon of product promotion lightly. I haven’t gotten involved in the realms of promoting a product past hosting parties as favors for friends. However, I use, love and have the results to show how effective this product can be, so I feel comfortable recommending it as a great product. If you’d like more information or are interested in a free 3 day sample please contact me directly for more details.