The word transition sums up my life.

In my first twenty years I adapted to my parent’s divorce and commuting between households, step-parents and blending families, changing religions from Jehovah Witness to Christian church, another divorce and elimination of blended family.

25-26 was a CRAZY year. I was pregnant, sold my house, lived with another family while building a house, started a new job, moved into a new house and had my son. The transition to motherhood being clouded by post-partum depression, and the first three months passing in a fog.

From 30 to 34 I found myself disappointed by people I considered family, disillusioned by the church and with God. I had budget cuts kill what I loved most about my job, and my work/home balance was blown up by my husband’s job promotion

34 to 35 was another CRAZY year! I moved to a new community, started my kids in a new school, sold my house, adjusted to my husband’s new schedule, lost my father unexpectedly, packed, moved and unpacked a house almost entirely alone. The year culminated by me quitting my job in order to help my family transition and adapt to all the changes we had experienced.

As the years have continued to pass, change and transitions have continued to come. Now I’m heading back to work and learning how to parent teenagers. The process of adapting to the realities of life is a never ending journey. We need all the encouragement and inspiration we can get along the way. I’m here to cheer you on, point you to quality resources, and help you learn to live fully the life you’re in, even if it’s different than how you wanted it to be.