Feeling Behind

Facing 40 Series

For a while this year I struggled with feeling like I was behind. I had the foreboding sense that I was left in the dust of a race where I couldn’t even see the other participants anymore. Overly dramatic I know, and yet…

If you had asked me prior to my senior year in college what I was going to be doing after college I would have told you ‘heading to grad school and into a job working 60 hour weeks because I was passionate about the work I would be doing.’ However, I ended up meeting Andy the summer before my senior year, and the girl whose classmates would have voted ‘most likely to get married last’ became the one to get there first. This, plus discovering in my senior year my major and career plans didn’t translate over to Michigan (where I would live) the same as they did in Indiana (where college was), left me on a completely different route than the one I had expected to take. Not a better or worse route, just an unexpected one.

Facing 40

Facing 40 series

When I turned 30 I didn’t think much of it. I had a one and a four-year-old, a job I loved…life was busy and full. The biggest hint of sadness I had at becoming 30 was feeling like it was the turning point from being thought of as a ‘young adult’ to being a full-blown adult…with all the rights and responsibilities entailed. Facing 40 has proven to be a much more difficult birthday to deal with.