Wrestling with this Unfinished Life

Wrestling with Life series

I had every intention and plan to write a back to school series right now talking about the lessons we can help our kids learn through school. I hopefully will write it at some point…but at this point, right now, I would feel like a fraud trying to ‘share’ wisdom or insight with anyone. I’m not really in the best head space to sound like I have any answers to give you at the moment.

I never intended to sound like I had answers anyway. Ideas, yes…Thoughts, concerns and questions, yes… But not answers. At least not in the sense of cut and dried, black and white, concrete ways to solve a problem. Mostly I write to share the things I’ve thought about, the things I wrestle with, the desires I have for myself and my family, along with the frustrations I’ve encountered trying to accomplish those desires.

I used to be someone who wanted to have the answers. Someone others could depend on but who didn’t need to depend on anyone. Someone who had it ‘all together.’ Perhaps old habits linger and I still come off as a “know it all” however I stopped a long time ago believing or even wanting to have it “all together.”